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You just got a new bike and the first thing you want to do is to take your lady love on a cool ride. After you got back from the most memorable ride of your life, don’t forget to take the next step to impress her. As your skin must have gone through a lot of stress due to the pollution in the atmosphere, Gillette Series comes with Foam Face Wash to cleanse your skin and make the next step to impress your loved one perfect. Perfectly designed for men, this Foam Face Wash will add that radiant glow on their skin. The Gillette Series Foam Face Wash is formulated from aloe vera to keep your skin healthy.

Also, aloe vera will leave a cooling effect on your skin and keep you refreshed throughout the day. Besides exfoliating your skin, this natural Foam Face Wash will add the accurate amount of moisture to your skin. You can bid farewell to your dead skin cells with this Face Wash. In addition to this, you are sure to get that thoroughly nourished skin with this Gillette Series Face Wash. If you have sensitive skin, you are the perfect candidate for this Face Wash.

Directions for UseDispense an adequate amount of this Face Wash onto your palm.
Gently apply on your wet face.
Rinse off.

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